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Insurance and workers' compensation costs have reached new highs with no end in sight.  A single fraud scheme can cost the insurance industry millions of dollars a year.  Many insurers resist fighting a suspicious claim for fear of costly lawsuits.  Also, many insurers inadvertently promote fraud by paying suspicious claims rather than fighting them.  Not investigating a claim will also increase the frequency of exaggerated claims submitted by dishonest employees.  Claims investigations legally performed by a licensed, bonded and fully insured investigation company- Superior Investigative Services-are conducted to verify the validity of a claim; and are a cost effective way to minimize risk and protect company assets.

  Superior Investigative Services will reduce claim costs by exposing fraudulent claims while justifying those that are accurately reported.  One proven way to help cut down or reduce insurance fraud is through surveillance.  This is a legal cost effective tool to help eliminate fraudulent claims.  Superior Investigative Services can provide fully-trained staff to conduct investigations to determine potential subrogation early in the claim.  When a suspicion of fraud exists, our team can determine the level of activity and document evidence inconsistent with the claimant's alleged injuries.  A thorough investigation can help you make the proper decision to accept liability.  Honesty, integrity and a staff of experienced investigators will ensure that your needs are met.  Superior Investigative Services  provides professional, thorough, and prompt investigative services.  We take the time to express individualized service based on each client's specific case-related needs.  Let Superior Investigative Services help you gather the information and answers you need. 

Superior Investigative Services specializes in:

            • Workers' Compensation
            • Auto Injury Claims/Auto Liability
            • Medical Malpractice
            • General Liability
            • Product Liability
            • Abuse of Sick Time
            • Abuse of the Family and Medical Leave Act(FMLA)

Investigations are always performed legally, impartially, and with the highest standards of confidentiality.

You can email us at:

Superior Investigative Services* 340 Cooley St, Suite 143* Springfield* MA* 01128